Improve Your Cash Flow
Increased; More Predictable
Fewer Rejected Claims & Reprocessing
Full-time Professional Attention to Your Billing and Insurance Transactions
Save Valuable Staff Time
No Office Distraction
Daily Electronic and Paper Filing
No Time Consuming Dealings with Insurance Companies

Cost Reduction
No turnover, training or retraining of staff
Avoid unnecessary payroll, taxes & benefit costs
Eliminate unnecessary hardware/software purchases & Related monthly technical support
Reduce phone bills & postage
Save on document storage
Maximization of Generated Revenue

We are a dedicated team of professionals that combined have over 30 years of diversified experience. We all hold advanced degrees and have diverse medical and corporate experience. We have dealt with medical claims, E.O.B.'s, insurance companies and their payment practices, employees, patients, hospitals, and third party vendors. We are also trained facilitators, with a backround in Human Resources, who under all circumstances will treat your patients with courtesy and respect.

Some of our specialty experiences:
General management and administration
Budget development/management and financial analysis
Strategy development/deployment
Human Resources (generalist and specialist)
Project management
Training & Development administration (private sector)

We are very excited about the prospect of working with you and your team to provide outstanding billing and revenue management support.